GUADEC Highlights

  • I think my talk about Hildon Desktop went quite nicely. Well, that’s what I’ve heard from the attendees :-)
  • Some interesting ideas came out from Havoc‘s and Bryan‘s keynote about Online Desktop. I still don’t see much sense in something like Big Board or an online-only desktop flavor. But yes, we need to take the new web services into account in GNOME Desktop in interesting ways. I have some ideas for Eye of GNOME plugins for instance. :-P
  • Very strong presence of GNOME mobile related people in GUADEC. I’m pretty excited about what is yet to come in this area. Yay!
  • I love the stickers that came in the conference bag!
  • The GUADEC 2007 group in Flickr group has some nice shots
  • Mirco brought some interesting ideas and demo in his talk about a possible next generation GNOME Desktop. There are lots of yet-to-be-answered questions on this subject but I think it’s always good to see people bringing fresh new ideas for discussion.
  • Xan and Fer rocked our world with an awesome intro talk for the GTK+ 3.0 BoF! It’s cool to see the GTK+ community starting to consider in a more concrete way the next iteration of our beloved toolkit.
  • I commited a patch by Hubert that adds XMP support to Eye of GNOME (based on exempi). Hub, you rock!
  • Vincent can’t say “Hello” with a british accent. HA HA HA! Dude, I love you!
  • Danilo, Da Da Da! Dje!
  • Etrunko, thanks for lending me your iPod with loads of cool “caipira” songs!
  • Very nice to meet again Thomas, Andreas, Claudio, Izabel and many others!

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