Mozilla, Mobile and Students


I went to Évora this week to give a talk about Mozilla and our mobile projects (Firefox Mobile, B2G, Open Web Apps, Identify, etc) at an event organized by the students’ union of the local university. Here’s my talk’s deck of slides (in Portuguese)—not very useful as it has very little content but it does contain a few useful links.

My main conclusion from this event is that we, Mozillians, should probably dedicate some more time spreading the word about our mission and projects to Uni students, especially in CS. There seems to be little awareness of why we’re different, why our mission matters, and what we’re working on right now.

From my experience, universities are usually a great source of potential long-term open source contributors. Getting students excited about our projects is likely to help us have a constant flow of new contributors in our community.

Big thanks to the event organizers for inviting me and for the hospitality! It was great to see Joaquim Rocha (Igalia) again and also meet interesting people like Thomas Perl (gPodder) and Steven Goldfarb (CERN). It was a quick yet pleasant visit to Portugal.

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