Lucas Rocha

UI engineer passionate about design

Currently at Mozilla hacking on Firefox for Android, one of the highest rated mobile browsers for Android. Formerly, I worked at litl on the development of the webbook, a cloud-based computer for the family. Before that, I was at Nokia implementing some of the primary UI components of the Maemo-based internet tablets, such as the N810.

I am mostly focused on Android development at the moment. I’m the creator of Pattrn, an unique wallpaper app with over a million downloads that has been featured on Google Play multiple times; and some nice Android libraries: TwoWayView, Smoothie, dspec, and Probe.

I post my reflections on the craft of building user interfaces in The Layout.

I’ve been a core GNOME contributor in the past where I have taken several leadership roles such as GNOME Foundation director, Release Team member, and software maintainer.

For further details about my work, have a look at my LinkedIn profile.

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