Mama’s Gun

Mama's Gun

Sanna, a very close friend from Finland, lent me a Mama’s Gun CD back in 2007. I had no clue who Erykah Badu was at that time. It was the first ever neo soul album I’ve listened to. This album has a very powerful sound and has been in my recurrent playlist since 2007.

Mama’s Gun is a gapless album. This brings a sense of constant flow throughout the album. Feels like one big track with different moods. You’ll find an acid and groovy sound in the opening track Penitentiary Philosophy and some sexy stuff in Hey Sugah and Kiss Me on My Neck. There’s some space for soft melodies too in the jazzy Orange Moon and in the famous Bag Lady.

As for the sound of the album, Erykah Badu’s performance is simply amazing: sexy, emotional, and very intense. I really love the fact that the drums are acoustic and played by the awesome Questlove – who is also co-producing. He brings a strong, earthy, and groovy sound to the whole album.

Every single track of Mama’s Gun has something cool. I generally listen to the whole album without skipping any track. The gapless approach might have some influence on that. Mama’s Gun is a soul album. Literally.

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