October 18, 2005

I haven’t being posting for a long time. So, I’ll talk about some cool things I’ve done and seen in the last days…


I’ve been giving some love to EOG. It really needed it: lots of critical bugs (crashes!) and a “dirty” bug list on bugzilla. So, I cleaned up some EOG bugs by triaging and patching. I wrote a Roadmap for EOG 2.14 with the topics I think are relevant for the next stable version. Sorry Tim Gerla about all those messages on IRC! I just want to keep you informed. :-)


I love Project Mallard. The GNOME docs really needs some revamping. Considering that the users don’t read docs before they use the software (they do it while they’re using it), the current “software manual” approach is not very nice. A context-based help is much more useful here. Some random ideas about this:

  • We’ll need a good search feature to make it easy to find the right answers the user is looking for. This involves good indexing for the help topics.
  • A new documentation for writing manuals will be necessary because the docs will be written using an hypertextual topic-based approach. Very diferent from the current linear one.

Cool new projects

Dogtail is a GUI test tool which will be VERY useful for QA stuff. It will be possible to reproduce bugs and perform several GUI tests by just writing Python scripts that interact with the user interface.

Tango (for GNU/Linux coherent desktop experience) and BetterDesktop (an interesting GNU/Linux usability effort) are great iniciatives!

Kill Wanda?

There is a very funny discussion about what should be done with the old fish Wanda. Don’t kill her! It has a very historical meaning!

Projeto Software Livre Bahia

Our local free software activism group has made its 2 years of existence! Congrats to all of us! Some photos from our little party.

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