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October 23, 2005

More love to EOG

Some more bug cleaning. It’s good to see that we came from 108 to 90 bugs. Well, there are lots of bugs to clean but I’m just happy to have some boring/critical bugs solved in EOG.


Movements and communities

I gave a talk about some issues that I see as relevant about free software. One of the key subjects was the important distinction between the free software communities (the several actors directly involved with the free software projects developement) and the free software movements (social actors dedicated to spread the free software philosophy, informing about its social, political and economical relevance, deploying free software in the public sector and social projects and so on). I argue that the communities are not necessarily always involved with political free software activism, the movement. Here in Brazil (and I think in other countries too), this is a very important distinction to be made because it avoids wrong perpeptions like thinking that free software is just a cause of a specific party or something with a homogeneous ideology set, which is not true. Social actors with very diferent ideology sets support free open-source sofware and hackers are quite heterogeneous when we talk about social and political positioning (which is natural people from diferent cultures and social contexts). There are marxists and companies like IBM, Novell, Sun looking at the same “thing” with a great happiness but with very diferent “eyes”.

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