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December 04, 2005


Since I came back from II Fórum GNOME, I didn’t have any time for blogging. It’s awful to arrive from a nice trip and have to work hardly on a stressing project. First of all, It’s always wonderful to meet nice people like Tim Ney, Germán, fatalerror, Izabel (the main person behind the Fórum organization, thanks Izabel!), Daniel Fink, Aparecido Quesada and many others! It was the first time I personally met people involved with GNOME. I gave a talk on GNOME Desktop present and future. The event schedule also had talks on Linux Desktop, Mono, PHP-GTK2, GIMP and other related subjects. I and fatalerror gave a workshop on GNOME translation with some good results: we finished 2.12 translation and have one more active contributor in the team. The event was als very nice in terms of local user and developer group organization. Our plans are to be more prepared for GNOME marketing in Brazil and to promote more local activities dedicated to people who want to start contributing to GNOME. See some photos here.

Germán, wake up!
Tim and fatalerror
After the Brazilian translation workshop
Germán and I

GNOME Foundation Board elections

I’m very happy with the GNOME political dynamic related to the elections of the board. Some very interesting discussion took place in foundation-list with questions being answered by the candidates. IMHO, the board should be composed by people with time, energy and well-defined and diverse visions (to estimulate productive discussion). Therefore, here are my candidates: Jeff Waugh, Luis Villa, Germán Poó Caamaño, Jonathan Blandford, Quin Gil, Dave Neary and Vincent Untz.


I played percussion with my brother’s (Tiago Rocha) band in his show at ACBEU Theater. His songs are mix of jazz, samba, bolero, classical and others. Wonderful! Really!

Pretutu, the samba-funk-rock band I play with, started to record its first album. I’ll upload our songs somewhere as soon as the album gets ready!

Stuff I’ve been listening:

  • Vanessa da Mata
  • Fiona Apple
  • Rage Against the Machine


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