Brand New Country/Job

September 20, 2006

I and Carol are going to move to Helsinki in the middle of October. The reason: I’ve got a new job at Nokia. I’ll work on the Maemo project. We’re just waiting for the visa. As genuine latin americans, south americans, brazilians, brazilian northeasters, from Bahia state, from Salvador city, I’m sure that living in Europe/Scandinavia/Finland/Helsinki will be a huge change for us in all the aspects.

I’m very excited about this brand new job because it’s the first time I have a job where I’ll work directly/indirectly on the stuff I could only do in my free time: GNOME and open source/free software hacking. Yay!

Last saturday, we had a party to celebrate our moving to Finland and our marriage! Here are some photos.

Thanks everyone for all the positive wishes (phone calls, e-mail, blog posts, blog comments, etc) about my marriage!

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