GNOME Song Contest Idea

November 11, 2006

I have this idea of promoting a contest to choose the GNOME Song. IMHO, this is kind of activity promotes community integration and helps creating passionate users™. Also, having a GNOME Song would be cool for marketing stuff! My intension is to put the several recordings of GNOME Song from several people around the world in the GNOME CVS repository. l10n work could be done on recordings with translated versions of the lyrics. Isn’t it awesome!?

I’ve prepared a draft here. This is far from complete/stable. I want suggestions about the submission process and how to rate the submissions. Also, not sure about the best release date yet.


PS: Jono, this could a great oportunity for Jokosher to get more users. You could release a tutorial teaching how to easily record melody submissions only with rocking free software. :-)

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