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April 20, 2007

So, one week after FISL, I have time and energy to post something about it. I’ve been attending FISL for 4 years and I can say for sure this was the best edition ever in terms of content and organization. Of course, I’m a little bit biased by the fact this was my first time in Brazil since I moved to Finland. :-)

To my surprise, there were 4 Maemo-related talks/workshops in the agenda: my talk, Python in Maemo by Osvaldo Santana (INDT), Maemo development workshop by Osvaldo, and Tapioca & Telepathy intro by Daniel Carvalho (INDT).

The GNOME brazilian community meeting was great. As a result, we came out with there major actions:

  • GNOME Brasil website revamp. Migrate our current website to a wiki system hosted at in order to enable collaboration and decentralization on content creation.
  • GNOME promotion in Brazil. Produce, translate and reuse marketing material to use on small, medium and large free software conferences in Brazil. Also, we’ll trying to have more people giving talks and workshops about GNOME from the user and developer point of view.
  • Mapping GNOME users in Brazil. I’m sure Brazil is one of the biggest users of GNOME today. However, we don’t know anything about the organizations that are currently using GNOME all over the country. Some time ago, I gave this idea as a GNOME-wide activity but I got no response. Federico did something similar in the context of system administration info last year. So, we’ll be doing this only in Brazil for now.

It was nice to meet some heroes there: John, Alvaro, Jono, Jim, Aaron, and Keith. Specially, it was awesome to meet some of my best friends. Most of them are now working hard in a free software based services cooperative called Colivre.

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