Python in the Eye

July 04, 2007

As I’ve announced before, the development version of Eye of GNOME, your beloved image viewer, features a new plugin system which allows you to extend EOG’s UI and behavior. Now that I added python support to the plugin system, the only thing is missing is a bunch of cool plugins! :-)

I’ll pay a beer (at GUADEC) for each one who develops a cool plugin and helps us to improve our plugin system. I have some ideas for a start:

  • File browser pane: something like the File Browser Gedit plugin;
  • Flickr Uploader (aka Postr integration): I have a prototype ready for this one;
  • Photo feed viewer: add support for adding, removing, and viewing photo feeds;
  • Blog This Image: this one could be done by integrating with good/old gnome-blog app;
  • Add watermark to Image: you would be able to add the watermark from a text or from an existing image;
  • Location on Statusbar: show a statusbar icon with a tooltip showing location info (city, country, neighborhood, street, etc) embedded in the image;
  • Creative Commons Licence: show a statusbar icon with a tooltip showing the license embedded in the image;
  • Add your suggestion here!

Volunteers!? :-)

The Side Pane problem

I want to allow plugins to add functionalities to a side panel in EOG. As you probably know, there’s no such side panel in EOG yet. Considering that currently you can place the image collection pane on the top, bottom, right, or left side of the window (a feature requested by several users), how can I have the (left) side pane (for plugins) and allow the image collection pane to be on the left side as well?

In the case of Gedit, the side panel has a documents list (the equivalent UI element of EOG’s image collection pane) and other “pages” can be added to the panel by the plugins. In the case of EOG, this would not be a good approach because the image collection pane is something that you want to keep visible all the time and the side bar should always be on the left side.

Any suggestion?

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