February 20, 2010

I’ve just published the “0.1-alpha” version of my new website. I definitely plan to do some incremental design improvements but I’m quite happy with the initial state of things now. Working with WordPress was a very good experience: a lot of Free themes and plugins, easy to extend and customize, etc. It was funny to mess with PHP code again, after 5 years far from any real web development. For some reason, PHP felt quite annoying. Maybe it’s just because I’m not used to it anymore. Dunno.

The front page is inspired by Vimeo’s front page textual updates (if you’re a Vimeo user, you know what I mean). They list all updates in one paragraph that appear on top of the page content. Feels quite natural, less techie, more human. Maybe a bit more verbose, but that’s fine. Anyway, I applied  the same approach in my website’s front page by having a short dynamic paragraph that is generated from the data fetched from the web services I use for blogging, microblogging, books, music and photos.

I won’t be posting anything in from now on. I’ve already updated Planet to aggregate my new blog. Comments on the new website/blog are welcome.

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