Help us to hire a Sysadmin for GNOME!

March 26, 2010

Cá and Ju

As you’ve probably seen, we’ve put a nice Friends of GNOME goal tracking ruler on top of GNOME’s website, Planet GNOME and in Friends of GNOME page. This is a strong promotion strategy to attract attention to Foundation’s current goal to hire a sysadmin for GNOME. The strategy seems to be working quite well! In the three days since the ruler was published, we’ve got around $1,500 in donations from Friends of GNOME and $5,000 from Collabora, joining other three companies Canonical, Google, and Nokia.

As of today, we’re only $4,602 from reaching the goal and we need your contribution! Help us getting more donors by:

  • Blogging about our campaign and pointing people to Friends of GNOME page.
  • Tweeting “Help the GNOME Foundation to hire a sysadmin for GNOME!” on Twitter,, Facebook, and any of your favorite microblogging sites.
  • Add one of the Friends of GNOME badges in your website or blog.
  • Spread the word about the campaign among your friends, local Free Software communities, user groups, etc.

We’re very close to get to hire a sysadmin for GNOME! Let’s make it happen!

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