Weather and Places

May 23, 2010

Holland Park

It’s interesting how people perceive weather differently depending on where they live. That became more clear to me when we moved from Salvador (Brazil) to Europe where we lived two years in Espoo/Helsinki and now live in London.

Salvador is the place where I was born in Brazil. It’s a city in the Northeastern coast. Weather is roughly the same throughout the year with temperatures varying between 25°C and 34°C. Maybe this is why weather is rarely a subject people talk about on a daily basis. The temperatures are generally nice. sunny, and warm most of the time. It’s a given.

In Espoo/Helsinki — and Finland in general — weather is a central aspect of life. The seasons are very well defined and quite distinguishable. Certain things can only be done during certain seasons. You have things like skiing holiday and Summer cottages. People get quieter and more introspective during Winter and more lively and talkative during Summer.

A similar thing happens in London — even though the weather is much less extreme than Finland. We get this foggy and dull weather most of the time. So, when Summer comes with some very sunny and shiny days, you really try to enjoy it outdoors as much as you can. It’s not something you get all the time. It’s special.

I learnt to enjoy cities where the weather is not a given. I had to. Each season has something different to offer. They bring you a more clear sense that each year is a cycle. Sometimes cold. Sometimes colourful. Sometimes wet. Sometimes shiny.

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