Not going to GUADEC

July 08, 2010

GNOME Group Photo

Unfortunately, I will not attend GUADEC this year. Not a good time to be out for a week (or even a few days) as our little daughter is still demanding a lot from us — especially from Carol because of the breastfeeding. Going to GUADEC with family could be an option but we’ll be going to Brazil for a well-deserved vacation the week after the conference. Not a good timing.

I’m sure GUADEC will be especially awesome this year, full of interesting talks and discussions about the upcoming GNOME 3 release. I’ll miss the jam session, the soccer match, the interesting chats about GNOME and life, the beer with friends, etc. But I think staying home is the right thing to do this year.

One small wish: every year, some nice t-shirts are handed out at GUADEC from the conference organizers, GNOME Foundation, sponsoring companies, etc. I would love if someone could send me some of those t-shirts via post or through someone coming to London after the conference. Size M please!

Have a nice GUADEC everyone!

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