Back from Salvador

August 30, 2010

Porto da Barra

We’re back in London after 20 refreshing days in Salvador. As I said in my previous post, it was a very interesting experience to visit the city I was born in Brazil after almost 3 years.

The weather was rainy during most of our visit but the temperature was relatively hot all the time — especially if compared to London. One funny thing: the temperature went down to 17°C one day at night and the TV news mentioned that this was the lowest temperature in the last few years! That reminded me how hard it was for me to adapt to the Finnish weather when we moved there back in 2006.

I ate like a pig: moqueca, mariscada, baião de dois, sun beef, maniçoba, sarapatel, caldo de sururu, chicken stew, kibbeh, sfiha, empadinha, coxinha caturiry, acarajé, abará, bobó, pizza, crab, lambreta, coffee, and others were part of our lunches and dinners during our stay. The result: I gained 2kg. Got to work hard to lose those now as this is my highest ever weight!

More importantly, we had the chance to meet our parents, brothers and sisters, lots of relatives and some of our best friends from high school and university. Those are the ones who we really miss here. For most of them, it was the first time they met Julia.

The vacation in Salvador was great but it’s good to be back home. Now we just need to convince Julia that she’s supposed to shift her sleeping schedule 4 hour ahead!

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