litl in the Event Boxes

November 18, 2010

webbook by litl (CC-BY-NC-ND)

The GNOME event boxes have been flying all around Europe and North America helping our community to promote the project, demonstrate the beloved desktop, and show off all the cools things that can be done with the GNOME platform in gadgets like the OLPC XO and Nokia N810.

litl is now donating two webbooks, one for each GNOME event box. We’ve already shipped one for the North American box. I’m still waiting for the European box to be found before sending the other one. The litl OS is fully based on the GNOME platform using GObject, GLib, Clutter, GTK+, Gjs, GStreamer, and others. The webbook is a good example of the strength of GNOME’s platform. We hope this is a useful addition to the event boxes. Enjoy!

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