Sounds in The Board

January 10, 2011

So, The Board 0.1.0 was released a couple weeks ago with a good set of initial features. The 0.2.0 release will come with a couple of interesting new features. Here’s one of them: sound elements with voice recording capability.

At this point, it should be clear that The Board is all about easily making daily records in form of videos, photos, notes, and labels. The addition of sound elements is natural step. Click on the image above to see a video demonstrating the new feature.

So far, voice recording in GNOME has been an obscure feature because the sound recorder app is not easily accessible and it doesn’t provide a convenient way to organize and access your voice memos. The Board makes it extremely simple to record voice memos. No need to care about saving files or anything. You can easily label your tapes for later reference. Just add a sound element and start recording!

The design still needs a bit more polishing of course—show playback and recording time, improve tape animation, error messages, etc. Feedback is welcome as usual. If you want to try this and other features, just follow the instructions on the hacking page to get The Board built and running on your system.

The next feature I’ll be working on is actions on multiple elements. Operations like removing multiple elements at once, aligning and distributing elements on a page, stacking elements, etc. Some exciting stuff coming soon!

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