The Board 0.1.2

March 28, 2011

It turns out that The Board’s distro packages were a great success! The PPA package alone has been downloaded more then 330 times in just a week. Not bad for package only available for an unreleased version of Ubuntu. And I’m not even counting the implicit testers using the GNOME 3 live image. I’ve got some useful feedback from early testers and I expect get even more from now on.

I was planning to finish some new major features before releasing 0.1.2, but a serious crash has been reported and I felt I had to respond to it quickly to avoid losing early testers. So, I give you The Board 0.1.2!

Besides the crash fix, this release contains a few nice improvements and bug fixes such as the addition of keyboard shortcuts for aligning and distributing elements on the page, more subtle window dimming when an element is activated, and proper saving when multiple elements are dragged. Major features such as Cheese integration are probably coming as part of the next release.

I’ve already pushed the updates to The Board’s PPA. If you already have it in your sources list, you should get it in the next few hours. I expect openSUSE and Fedora packages to be updated soon. If you haven’t tried The Board yet, what are you waiting for? Follow the instructions from my last blog post and start testing a few minutes!

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