One Year at Mozilla

July 20, 2012

I started at Mozilla on this same date last year. It was a Wednesday and I was a bit scared. Fast forward 365 days and here I am completing my first year in the company! Wow, time really flies! I’ve already written about my experience in the first 238 days at Mozilla and the same points still apply. Maybe it’s a good time to make a quick summary of what I’ve worked on in my first year.

I was lucky to join Mozilla at the time the mobile front-end team was about to start working on the then-new XUL-based tablet UI. I implemented central parts of the UI such as the tabs side-pane and important pieces of the browser toolbar—besides the usual bug fixes. It was a nice way to get more familiar with XUL-based development. I also implemented things like HTML5 form validation front-end in XUL Fennec in the same period.

Around September last year, I volunteered to be Firefox Mobile’s community steward. The first thing I did was to create an official Get Involved page and compile a list of good first bugs for new contributors. The response has been pretty good and I do want to dedicate a bit more time for contributor engagement in the near future.

Then in October, the Firefox Mobile team got together in Toronto to start working on the new native UI. On this front, I drove the development of core parts of the new UX including the AwesomeBar screen and the new start page. Furthermore, I led the implementation of important back-end components such as the Places database for Android (and respective test infrastructure) and the Remote Debugger support. As you probably know, I’m now working on Reader Mode.

Some quick stats: I joined Mozilla 365 days ago. Since then, I pushed 280 changesets, changed ~12,578 lines of code, fixed 150 bugs, gave 3 talks, travelled to 5 countries, and had a lot of fun. For my next year at Mozilla, I want to focus on bootstrapping more exciting features that differentiate Firefox Mobile from competitors—Reader Mode being the first of them.

I have no doubts that my next year at Mozilla will be filled with even more awesomeness!

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