Featured bug #2 in Firefox for Android

January 23, 2013

Before bringing up the next featured bug, it’s probably a good time for a quick update on the state of Firefox for Android’s coding community. Long story short: we have never had as many coding contributors as we have now! Here’s what some of them have been working on.

Sriram Raghuraman implemented a “set wallpaper” context menu option for images in web content. Greg Roodt added mouse wheel scrolling support. Mark Capella fixed a handful of bugs in different parts of our UI. Alex Nagacevschi implemented preliminary support for RTL content in Reader Mode. Ian Patterson fixed some weirdness in how downloaded images are named. Ravisankar Sivasubramaniam fixed  a bug on our input handling when switching tabs. And the list continues!

Want to have your name on this list? Here you go: bug 807990 is our second featured bug. It’s about a small but very useful feature in Reader Mode: adding a double-tap gesture to scroll the article a “screenful” distance. You’ll be mentored by yours truly. I’ve just added some background information to the bug report to get you started. Comment on the bug to take it!

I strongly recommend joining us on IRC (irc.mozilla.org #mobile) to get some support on setting up your development environment.

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