Videos in The Board

August 04, 2010

So, you now know about The Board and my short-term and long-term plans for it. Thanks everyone for the positive energy and the nice feedback! For those interested in contributing to the project, I created a very basic wiki page for The Board in GNOME’s wiki. The most useful bit for now is the initial guide to get The Board built and running. Feel free to fix and add missing bits there.

I had a couple spare hours a few days ago and ended implementing the initial code for video things. Seek bar is still missing because I couldn’t find a nice way to present it — ideas are welcome. Code is available in gitorious. Click on the image above to watch a video showing more or less how it works. The general interaction is very similar to photos. I had to apply a couple patches to clutter and clutter-gst (git master) to get video colours right.

Things will become more interesting when I implement integration with Cheese which will allow you to produce photos and videos in place. Probably one of my next steps.

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